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Petite Seats Brand Storyteller Intern

Do you know what it takes to grow an online community? We're looking for a social media and videography intern to engage our social media followers using vide. PETITE SEATS is a boutique children’s party rental company based in Northern New Jersey. Our clients are high end children’s party planners and parents looking to plan special events for their little ones. 

We are currently searching for interns to begin in early May, preferably high school Seniors and college students. An intern’s duties include, but are not limited to:

·      Visual Storyteller of the Brand {Excellent communication skills and the ability to inform and entertain via written, oral and visual media.} 

·      Must know how to shoot and edit

·      Must Have Own Equipment {Experience with DSLR, audio, and video camera equipment and file formats}

·      Have one year experience with web video production and video editing

·      Working knowledge of Adobe Creative Cloud (Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, etc.) and/or Final Cut Pro or comparable programs

·      Experience in Marketing, Video Creative and Graphic Design with strong skills in video editing, graphic design, and both written and oral communication

·      Incorporate music, sound effects, text, and motion graphics to support and give context to the story

·      Have the ability to contribute to the strategy and process-development level 

·      Available to film and edit up to 2 vlog videos per week

·      Experience running a YouTube/Facebook channel

·      Build video content and film our Founder through her days to bring content to Youtube.

·      In-depth knowledge of Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook

·      Produce short-form promotional video content for Facebook and Instagram

·      Must have an eye for visuals, be flexible, accurate, attentive to detail, and deadline-oriented

·    An innovative self-starter with problem-solving skills, creativity, ambition, and a strong work ethic

PR Intern will work closely with the Creative Director and Founder, Onida Cruz. Applicants should be highly personable, detail oriented, and available at least two full days per week. Excellent opportunity to gain experience and insight into niche rental company. The ideal candidate is someone with both skills and passion for video production; skilled in videography, editing, some graphic design; not afraid to interact with and interview others while operating the camera; understands and enjoys the challenge of providing value to our audience.  Upon completion of the internship, we will provide a letter of recommendation that details the specifics of your role as well as your performance as an intern.