Growing In Business

As I logged into Facebook today I saw my mother share a memory that I tried to forget for many years, my biggest business disaster. My first business was an event planning + design company. I began the business at the age of 25 and made moderate success. I say moderate because I only grossed approximately $25,000 during the seven years in business . This was generated planning milestone birthdays, weddings, and kids parties. This was also before the reality of having children set in. Two years into the business I decided I had made enough connections to produce a bridal show. Yes, a full scale bridal show. My sister and I create a website, sent out promotion direct mail, and called the show Serendipity Soiree {See link for show description here}. 

So what happens, the worst friggin' blizzard in over a decade hits the Northeastern states. They called it Snowmageddon (February 5-6, 2010). My show was February 10.  The venue offered to postpone the show, but I decided to move forward because of all the moving pieces and because I had the week off from work. 


The Serendipity Soirée had ten guests attend and was a total flop. What did I learn:

(1) Never think you can one up Nature!  

(2) Before planning any event consider the time of the year and plan for all possibilities. 

(3) Every failure is a lesson.  

(4) If your event is free people are more likely to write it off and not attend. 

(5) Paying for promotion is always a good idea. 

 (6) In business there will always be experiences that make you want to quit, BUT you must persevere in order to get better. 

 (7) If I had not experienced this flop, the Petite Seats brand would not be what it is today.