Chef’s Table NYC partnered with Valerie of Konfetti Boutik to style and produce a rustic second birthday party. Check out the details below.


Our cross back chairs



Source It: 

Party Concept: Meisha of Chef’s Table NYC (CTNYC) 

Event Styling: CTNYC + Valerie of Konfetti Boutik 

Catering: CTNYC

Photography: Aida Malik Photography  

A Nutcracker Birthday

We provided our gold Chiavaris for a festive Nutcracker inspired ballet party for one of our favorite children's party planners Anne of Clafoutis. Anne designed a whimsical and  awe-inspiring event. For more pictures and details visit Martha Stewart's blog here for the feature.


Source It

Showroom: LoveShackFancy | @loveshackfancy
Photography: Aletiza Photo 
Flowers:  Missi Flowers | @missiflowers
Party supplies and styling: Clafoutis | @clafoutis
Face paint: Face Art by Melissa 
Balloons: Brooklyn Balloon Company | @brooklynballooncompany
Chairs: Petite Seats | @petiteseats
Ballerina: SHIEN Artists & Event Creative | @shienartists
Dessert: Mayra's CakepopsBakes by Marie & The Meringue Bakeshop
Cake: CakeHeroNYC

Vintage Minnie Mouse

Chamique of Chique Design + Events produced a super sophisticated vintage Minnie Mouse themed 5th and 6th birthday soirée. Check out the fabulousness below:



Chamique commissioned the creation of this gorgeous black lace tablecloth


Source It: 

Event Styling + Stationery: @chiquedesignandevents

Photography: @bufotos

Cookies + Cakepops: @tonilynsbakery

Cakes: @kedbyskreationscakes

Kids Tables + Chairs: @petiteseats

Petite Seats is CROWDFUNDING! Check out our Press Release!


Newton, NJ — On October 8, 2017, Petite Seats launched an Indiegogo campaign to help fund the expansion of the company. The campaign aims to bring a broader delivery route and an exclusive line of new Petite Seats. Petite Seats is solving the problem of securing attractive children sized chair rentals for every special event. A broader delivery route and new inventory will ensure no shortage of children's chair rentals for everyone in the NJ-NYC-CT Tristate area. Petite Seats is accomplishing this by purchasing a second, larger delivery vehicle. As well, the funds raised from their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign will go towards a public relations campaign aimed at expanding their brand awareness in the Tristate area. “I have poured my life savings into Petite Seats. When that wasn’t enough, I borrowed from my pension and maxed out my credit cards. The expansion is inevitable for the continuance of our company, I can feel it in my bones. I am confident that my fellow kids' party enthusiasts will find it in their hearts to fund this campaign so that we can get the job done.” - Onida Cruz, founder and CEO at Petite Seats plans to demonstrate their game-changing child-sized specialty chair rentals by hosting a rebranding event to introduce all the new changes at Petite Seats. See the Petite Seats Crowdfunding Campaign on Indiegogo here


Safari First Birthday

Valerie of the Konfetti Boutik designed a super cute safari themed first birthday party with our wooden cross back chairs. 


In Valerie's words... 

ROAR! 🦁 to this modern and chic first birthday #safaritheme party I had the pleasure of styling for Teddy's big day!  The color scheme was elegant white, mint and gold

. #safaritheme #safaribirthdayparty #kidspartyplanner #kidsparty #mintwhiteandgold #babyshower #babygirl #babyboy #kidspartiesnj #kidspartynyc #kidschairrental #custompartydecor #custompartyhats #custombanner #monsteraleaf #goldanimals #hydrangeas


Golden Safari Animals are the Win! 



Valerie relaxing after a mission accomplished🤗 



event stylist @konfetti_boutik

mommy+catering @chefstablenyc

custom party hats + placemats + banner @konfetti_boutik

the crossback chairs  @petiteseats

photographer @aidamalikphotography 

Willy Wonka from The Party Muse

The Party Muse has amazed us again with a Willy Wonka themed birthday party hosted at Chocolate Works Scarsdale.



Custom favor boxes created by @noirstyle


Amazingly cute sweet treats from @sugarsuckle


Mini Donuts!!💕 


This candy cake fit perfectly with the Willy Wonka theme  


Check out our mini ghost chairs with these super cute decals

Source It: 

Design + Styling:  @thepartymuse

Photography: @clybymatthew

Venue: Chocolate Works Scarsdale  

Custom Favor Boxes: @noirstyle

Cake: @everythinglulu

Invitation: @houseofcreativedesigns

Balloons: @uptownballoons

Custom Mirrored Sign + Calligraphy: @mintedfeather

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Shopkins from TSB Planning + Design

We provided TSB Planning + Design our custom colored Chiavari's in turquoise for an amazingly designed Shopkins party.



Source It:

Event Planning + Design: @triciasmithbrown

Photography: @keshalambert

Cake: @sweetlittlesweets

Macaron Pops: @jooheebakescorp

CC Oreos +Pyramids + RC Pops + Cakepops : @zoeandpea

Cookies: @snickerdoodletiff 


Entrepreneur Story Telling: Ming Lee

Being an entrepreneur requires you to be a full-time student. I love listening and learning from successful business owners as they share their paths towards achievement. Ming Lee, an ATL based  beauty lifestyle guru, is one such entrepreneur I admire. Her brand, Snob Life, is EVERYTHING. I recently discovered her YouTube and sat and watch most of her videos. She has a series called Storytime which is as entertaining as it is informative. Check out how she began below:

Children Crossback Chairs

Can I tell you how excited I am to have added wooden crossback chairs to our inventory. They are the perfect chair for a rustic themed outdoor event. We worked with Jerry Rose, Floral + Event Designer, to add our Petite Touch to a whimsical kidchella themed birthday party. 


Kids Windsor Chairs

I scored a wonderful find on Craigslist, children sized Windsor Chairs. I purchased them from an older gentleman in Hillsborough, NJ who told me they were over eighty years old.  



Khaliyah, the Party Muse, gave me this wonderful inspiration picture which I used to model my chairs.


I've decided not use use these in our rental lineup, but to use them in our littles play room. 

Ice Cream Dreamz Spa Party

 A very special little girl, turning 8 years old, got THE absolute best party theme-- an Ice Cream 🍦 Dreamz Spa Party. Christine of  Krissy Chic Boutique and Events designed and  produced an amazing event. The eye catching details were captured by Sue Annette Photography. Check out the images below:






Source It:

Design and Decor: @krissychicboutiqueandevents

Photos: @sueannettephotography

Cake and treats: @magdelinescakes

Labels and Stickers: @chiquedesignandevents

Kids Chiavari Chairs: @petiteseats

Name Sign: @charlibearscloset

Kids Sleeping Mask: @oddsnblobs

Decor Pieces: @homegoods

Ice Cream Signs/Cup: @hobbylobby


More from Magdeline's Cakes 


Growing In Business

As I logged into Facebook today I saw my mother share a memory that I tried to forget for many years, my biggest business disaster. My first business was an event planning + design company. I began the business at the age of 25 and made moderate success. I say moderate because I only grossed approximately $25,000 during the seven years in business . This was generated planning milestone birthdays, weddings, and kids parties. This was also before the reality of having children set in. Two years into the business I decided I had made enough connections to produce a bridal show. Yes, a full scale bridal show. My sister and I create a website, sent out promotion direct mail, and called the show Serendipity Soiree {See link for show description here}. 

So what happens, the worst friggin' blizzard in over a decade hits the Northeastern states. They called it Snowmageddon (February 5-6, 2010). My show was February 10.  The venue offered to postpone the show, but I decided to move forward because of all the moving pieces and because I had the week off from work. 


The Serendipity Soirée had ten guests attend and was a total flop. What did I learn:

(1) Never think you can one up Nature!  

(2) Before planning any event consider the time of the year and plan for all possibilities. 

(3) Every failure is a lesson.  

(4) If your event is free people are more likely to write it off and not attend. 

(5) Paying for promotion is always a good idea. 

 (6) In business there will always be experiences that make you want to quit, BUT you must persevere in order to get better. 

 (7) If I had not experienced this flop, the Petite Seats brand would not be what it is today.

More From The Party Muse

We love working with Khaliah of the Party Muse. Her event styling makes our chairs look fabulous!  

 We sprayed our chairs a lavender color for this Baptism. 

We sprayed our chairs a lavender color for this Baptism. 

    Visit the Party Muse's brand new website {}. 


Visit the Party Muse's brand new website {}. 

Source It {IG Handles}:

Styling + Design: @thepartymuse

Photography: @JacNJules

Cards: @MintedFeather

Flowers: @BarbarasFlowers

Cake:  @Everythinglulu

Desserts: @Sugarsuckle (Rice Krispies, Oreos, + jars) @lilcutiepops (cake gems + cake pops)  @hudsoncakery (macs) 


Mompreneurs In Business

Today I had the pleasure of attending a dynamic event hosted by Melanie Marie, called Mamas In Business. I took copious notes, its the teacher in me, and here  are some of the words of wisdom from the Mompreneurs.



When selecting a partner the goal is to find someone who goes as hard as you, someone you can trust to delegate to. ~Marjorie

Take your time when looking for a partner. It must be someone who shares your vision and work ethic. Having a teammate makes it a little easier. ~Michelle

Measuring Success

Success is relative. Give yourself goals per quarter/per year for success. Be a woman of your word. Be diligent. You are only as good as the work you put in.~Tricia

A measure of success is not funds in the bank, but how impressed I am of myself at the end of the day. Demand respect for what you want. I don't want to be, I want to do. ~Marjorie

Success is seeing any vision through. Remember Instagram is produced content. As long as you keep stepping forward, that is success. Be genuine and kind. ~Misa

Do your own personal best. ~Michelle

Always try to outdo yourself. ~Tricia

Balance Working Mamas

I do not believe in the term "Stay At Home Mom". My son needs to see my ambition. I think we are all goddesses. Its okay to take the day off. We are doing a lot.  ~Mashonda

Balance is important. Having a support system is important. My children got to see me grow up and evolve.   ~Misa

You have to give 100% to work and 100% to being a Mom. ~Mariam

Your happiness is key. Live for you. Stand firm in faith.  ~Tricia

When you want it, you will figure it out.  ~Majorie

Raising 'Dem Babies

Develop a system for your kids. {Create boundaries without guilt.} Don't try to be the "perfect" mother. Design your life. Feed life into your children. Put them in positions to excel. Find them a mentor. Be patient with them. Be in the moment and be present. ~Misa

You have to be present for your kids. ~Marjorie

Our children come to teach us who we are to be. Children are our soul equals in smaller bodies. ~Mashonda


You have to believe as a woman in business you can do both.  ~Michelle

Don't burn any bridges as you transition into entrepreneurship full time. ~Mashonda

Relationships with Significant Other

Create a balance in the relationship, communicate what your needs are. ~Misa

A Large Following

I have such a large following because of happy customers. Always be a perfectionist. There is enough business for everyone. When you focus on yourself you can become a trendsetter. Focus on yourself. ~Mariam 


Never let anyone out work you. No one should deter you from your path.  You are not going to be successful unless you take the risk. Fortune favors the bold. ~Tricia

When you have a passion project (e.g. taking a class or interning), there is no ego attached to it. ~Mashonda

Advise to Younger Self

Make sure your credit is straight. ~Tricia

Listen to your gut. ~Marjorie

You can't make everyone happy. ~Miriam

Always take care of yourself. You are worthy. ~Misa

Everything you need is already inside of you. ~Mashonda

Don't judge yourself by your failures. ~Michelle

Everything happens for a reason. ~Melanie

The overall sentiment of the day was being a Mompreneur is hard work. There will be great days and there will be hard days. It's not glamorous work, but it truly is fulfilling when you are living in your purpose.

If you know me you know I am always busy. I have a very stressful "day job" as an Assistant Principal in a NYC public school, I am a mama of three littles under the age of six, I am a wife, daughter, big sister,  friend, and small business owner. I experience cray, cray on a daily basis! I have a meltdown at least once a week. While some women carry a makeup case and designer sunglasses in their handbags, I have my men's Coach back pack filled with two agenda books, a bottle of stress reliever essential oil blend, two iPhones, and my iMac. A typical day for me begins at 4:20am and ends when ever I can close all the open tabs on my computer. 

A Typical Day In My Life 

Monday through Friday my alarm goes off at 4:20am.  I turn it off and turn over to nurse my little one who wakes with me. By 4:45am I'm out the bed and headed to the bathroom. 

Between 5:00 and 6:00am I have made breakfast for myself, made my baby goddesses and myself lunch, checked my social media accounts, and responded to work emails. {On days when I haven't pumped enough the prior day I pull out the electric pump while assembling lunches.}

 ***Most Thursday and Friday's I am out the house by 5:30am so I can make my weekend deliveries. I have begun this to alleviate rush hour traffic deliveries in the evening.

Between 6:15-7:30am I am commuting from NJ to NYC. I am on the clock at work from 7:30 to 3:45pm. I FaceTime my baby goddesses at 7:45am. Chat with D on his way to work and talk or text with my Mama.

I take my lunch hour {when I get one} to answer emails, return phone calls/texts/DMs, and check social media for Petite Seats.   I have also been slowly editing my business plan for a new venture.

3:45-5:00pm I am back in the car commuting home from work while I pump for the baby to have milk for the next day. 

5:15pm I return home and jump right into Mommy mode. The first hour of me getting home I am nursing, making dinner, and asking the girls about their day. On a good day D will suggest we go out to eat, this happens A LOT. 

6:30-7:30pm D or I do a lesson with the girls, eat dinner, have dessert, bath time, then put the girls down for bed. 

7:30-9:00pm Girls are asleep. D and I  catch up most likely with one of us falling asleep. 

Now throw in quick runs to Trader Joe's, storage pick ups, and evening deliveries. I am constantly ON 100. But with D as my partner, I am able to be the overly ambitious, Boss Chick.


Tricia Smith Brown sharing her journey and words of wisdom. 

Classic Minnie

Our favorite kid's party planner, the Party Muse, produced this classic Minnie Mouse party using our mini ghost chairs.


 LuLu Cake Boutique created this striped, polka  dot confectionery dream

LuLu Cake Boutique created this striped, polka  dot confectionery dream


Khaliah, ever the inventive planner, created a donut wall using an acrylic slab in the shape of Minnie's head complete with a bow. It was bowtastic!



The kids tablescape was infused with polka dot and pops of pink for a classic Minnie look. Minted Feather created the placemats which were scripted to perfection.

 Oh Twodles

Oh Twodles



Photography: Tatiana Teo Photography 

Styling + Design: The Party Muse

Place Mats @mintedfeather

Cake @everythinglulu

Florals @barbarasflowers

Mini Ghost Chairs @petiteseats

Philly's Kidchella Soirée

Katrina of Katrina Gilbert Weddings + Events contacted us with a request for 40 Petite Seats, including custom colored mint chiavaris with pink and gold. Her theme was an over the top Kidchella themed event at the picturesque Abington Art Center.  I was expecting to be blown away by the decor as the guest of honor is the daughter of undefeated welterweight champion Danny "Swift" Garcia. Indeed I was. Everything from the venue to the sweet treats were over-the-top.

 This dream catcher and butterfly themed invitation served as inspiration for the event design

This dream catcher and butterfly themed invitation served as inspiration for the event design


Bounce Houses|Teepee Lounge|Ice Cream Truck|Henna| Pony Rides|Popcorn + Cotton Candy The guests were definitely entertained on the grounds of the center.


Source It: {Using IG handles} 

Event Design + Decor: Katrina Gilbert Weddings + Events @kgweddings

Cake + Macaroons+ Sugar Cookies @ccxcd

Strawberries + Rice Krispies + Pretzels + Arrow CakePops: @simple_sweetsbyjasmine

Balloons: @ivorynorpreneur

Paper Flowers: @petal_by_petal

Dessert Buffet Labels: @printableparty


TCP's Petite Styled Shoot


Jennifer of The Carousel Factory produced a whimsical garden themed petite styled shoot using her company's children chiavari chairs and tables. The Carousel Factory is the go-to kids rental special events company in the DMV. She partnered with Pretty Petals Floral Designers (@prettypetalsflorals) and Shoot Happens Photography (@aambing) to capture this setup. The setting was the Brookside Botanical Gardens in Silver Spring, Maryland.


 MUA: @girlmelanie1215

MUA: @girlmelanie1215


I love  to see a mompreneur taking risks and doing her thing. Jennifer is balancing motherhood and running her company beautifully. If you are planning a children's event in the DMV and need petite seats definitely give her a call.

 Jennifer's Baby Goddesses💜

Jennifer's Baby Goddesses💜



Rental Inventory:

•White + gold chiavari chairs
•4ft + 6ft banquet tables
•Chair covers, skirts, + cushions
•Table linen

D Girls Mermaid Adventure- Part 2

I knew when planning for this event I wanted Lina of Zoe and Pea to create the desserts. Her attention to detail rivals Michealangelo.  

I sent her my design board and let her do her thing. I was not disappointed! 


 Double tiered Oreos

Double tiered Oreos

 Mermaid Fin Cake Pops

Mermaid Fin Cake Pops

 Cookie Towers with a cute treasure chest on top

Cookie Towers with a cute treasure chest on top

 Cake bites  

Cake bites  

The colors for the party were mint, peach, lilac, and silver.

 Rice Krispie treats

Rice Krispie treats



In addition to Lina's treats I ordered personalized M&Ms using a Groupon deal. And mermaid cookie pops from Etsy vendor DDDbyJCookieShop.


The twin mermaid fin cakes were created by Kedby of Kedby's Kreations. She did an amazing job and it was just what the girls requested.