Rainbow Party

A client sent over this image from a Styled Shoot produced by Oh Happy Day as inspiration for her sons’ celebration. She requested rainbow colored 🌈 ribbons for our white chiavaris. 

inspiration image

inspiration image

After a visit to Walmart’s craft section we got right to work with adhering the ribbon to 30 chairs.


The final product was a rainbow inspired kiddie party complete with a custom kraft paper table cover.


Meri Meri Party Supplies

In our search for unique party supplies we were lead to the LA based company Meri Meri. With over fifteen dedication party themes, items ranging from a fairy party to a dinosaur party, Meri Meri will definitely have you covered for whichever theme you select for your little one's soiree. Check out a few of our favorite designs below.

Plate designs we love . . .

Right in time for Easter, we love. . .

In the NYC/NJ/CT tristate area check out these retailers for Meri Meri prodcuts:

  • Sweet Lily, Inc. | 222 West Broadway | NY,NY 10013 | 212-925-5441
  • Overtures | 216 Hicks Street | Brooklyn, NY 11201 | 718-643-9345
  • Village Party Store | 13 E. 8th Street | NY, NY 10003 | 212-675-9697
  • Specially for You | 348 Route 9 North | Suite D | Manalapan, NJ 07726 | 732-617-9190
  • Truly Yours | 96 Baker Street | Maplewood, NJ 07040 | 973-763-3838
  • Elizabeth Richard Gifts | 951 Chase Parkway | Waterbury, CT 06708 | 203-217-0374 

DIY Lace Party Crowns

Interested in a cool, easy to assemble children's party favor/decor element?! Check out this post dedicated to creating a do-it-yourself lace crown.

Materials List:

  • Lace - 13-15" {depending on desired size}
  • Aleene's fabric stiffener 
  • Metallic paint or a paint pen
  • Wax paper
  • Paint brush
  • Plastic gloves
  • Round container {e.g. coffee can}
  • Glue gun
  • Shallow dish
  • Clothes pin


Step one: "Wrap the container you plan to use with plastic wrap or wax paper.  I used a small coffee can for newborn sized crowns, and the large one (pictured) for bigger kids.  If you don’t wrap the can, you will get rust colored stains on the lace."

Step two: "Cut the lace to the desired length.  15 inches works for newborn crowns."

Step three: "Pour some of the fabric stiffener into a shallow container. Rub the lace in it and squeeze out the excess."

Step four: "Wrap the lace around the container. Secure with a pin or clip."

Step five: "Once it’s dried, peel the lace off the container. Glue the ends together."

Step six: "Embellish it."

-- For original source with images click here.


Here is an alternative method for creating these super cute crowns. Click on image above.

Here is an alternative method for creating these super cute crowns. Click on image above.