tissue paper backdrop

Tissue Paper Backdrop

Over our holiday break I decided to produce a Valentine's Day shoot. I, along with Natasha of the Flair Factor and Digna Toledo, styled and captured our Mommy + Me Petite V-Day shoot. We endeavored to keep the design simple and affordable using store purchased products. A large part of the decor for our shoot was a DIY tissue paper backdrop I created. This post will serve to assist those interested in creating their own.


  1. Form Board {From Hobby Lobby}
  2. Elmer's Spray Adhesive {From Hobby Lobby}
  3. Tissue Paper {I purchased from a wholesale. Use places like EBay here}
  4. Heavy Moving Tape {Any brand/Type will do}
  5. Ribbon or Thin Floral Wire {Dollar Tree}
  6. Scissors {Sturdy enough to cut through 8 sheets of folded tissue paper}


Step One:

I began the process by taking four  - 32" x 40" foam boards and taping them together with heavy duty packing tape. Once the four boards were taped together I had a 5' x 7' wall. Here are two examples of the foam board I used here and here.


Step Two:

After making about 50-60 tissue paper flowers (See video below for How To)  I began to attach the flowers to the board using Elmer's Board Mate Spray Adhesive. I would spray a small area of the board and firmly press paper flower over the glued area for 3-5 seconds (sometimes a double spray was needed).

Step Three: 

I used a "color block" style pattern for our board. I felt this would look better than just randomly picking up any color. I imagine this would look great with one solid color as well. An issue I encountered once all the flowers were on the board was it being front heavy. Because I taped the boards in a 4-quadrant design I was able to stand the board up and angle it to about a 60 degree angle (think hardcover menu-- see below). This allowed me to not have the backdrop flush against the wall. The larger the wall-- especially if you decide to make it in one piece as I did -- the more you will need to reinforce the back.

Below are alternative methods for creating a tissue paper backdrop along with photo inspiration. Enjoy!

From Ruffled's Blog

From Oh Happy Day

From Oh Happy Day

From Lovely Indeed's Blog

From Lovely Indeed's Blog