2017 Business Lessons

Petite Seats only operated ten months this year because of my family moving from Essex County to Sussex County, New Jersey. We moved in the middle of August and I decided to take off September and October to get used to the commute and the family settled.

This is the end of my third year in business and each year I am growing wiser and working smarter. Below are the 2017 business lessons I’ve realized through the year.


I’m an over-achiever, I’ll admit I do before I think most times,  leading to exhaustion and a short fuse. I realized I could not continue to work as I was with Petite Seats and grow my brand at the same time. My ambition was leading to massive burnout which manifested itself in a case of acne I cannot get rid of and an erratic sleeping pattern. My ambition has lead to total adrenal fatigue!


Late in the third quarter, I made the decision to outsource all my deliveries. It has truly shifted the balance in my life. I have time! Time to grow my business and not work it (well drive it😆). The month of December was my test run. All went well so I will continue outsourcing deliveries. Sam of SLG Services has been a Godsent in changing my Work-Home-Business dynamics🙌🏾.  


I will be launching an eboutique store with partyware in the spring.


PayPal has expanded their business analytics and I’m loving it! 


My adolescence acne has flared up with a vengeance! I believe it’s a result of the stressful situations of my day jobs and the lack of truly nurturing my body.  


This year I will work on blogging on my personal page more, www.onidacruz.com  


No more hesitation, I’m moving steadfast towards my goals in 2018.